Huddersfield chef Barrington Douglas has teamed up with the UK’s leading Caribbean restaurant to get two of his latest products to 25 top social media influencers.

Barrington makes artisan patties, sauces, chutneys and seasoning and launched The Phat Patty Co four months ago.

Since his launch online Barrington’s authentic Caribbean taste sensations have caught the attention of Turtle Bay, which has more than 40 restaurants around the UK.

The restaurant chain – famous for its rum, reggae and jerk – is celebrating October’s Black History Month and they invited Barrington to get on board.

Barrington, born in Huddersfield to Jamaican parents, supplied bottles of royal hot sauce and packets of seasoning to go into hand-picked food boxes to be sent to some of the most high-profile food influencers around.

If an influencer raves about a product to their thousands – or even millions – of followers sales can soar.

Barrington, who ran his own restaurant Discovery Bay in Huddersfield until 2017, also had his story featured in a special edition of The Weekly Gleaner, a leading Caribbean newspaper, which joined forces with Turtle Bay to publish a special celebration of Black History Month.

The newspaper is being put on every table in the Turtle Bay chain, again raising Barrington’s profile.

“All this is massive for my business,” said Barrington. “To get my sauce and seasoning into the hands of these social media influencers is just priceless. It’s not something I could have done myself.”

Turtle Bay had a restaurant in King Street, Huddersfield, between 2015 and 2019.

To find out what all the fuss is about visit The Phat Patty Co website HERE.