Artist Amanda Castle has helped turn a much-loved chair with an emotional connection into a work of art.

The armchair belonged to the late father of Huddersfield artist, animator and writer Rob Martin who sadly passed away in June.

Rob and Amanda share a passion for art and when Rob was looking to have his dad’s chair restored, Amanda offered her award-winning artwork Wasteland.

The pencil drawing, created in 2019 at the height of divisions over Brexit, depicts communities and people driven apart. It was aimed at shedding a light on society’s problems in the hope of finding solutions and bringing people back together.

Characters on the left lean over a symbolic waste bin, a priest offers limited words and solutions and the central figure symbolises greed and detachment.

Wasteland, which won ‘best picture’ in Huddersfield Art Society’s awards in 2019, was re-created in fabric and the chair was given a stunning new look.

Rawthorpe-based Amanda said: “This chair means so much to Rob and it was a pleasure to restore it as a tribute to his dad.”

Amanda also took inspiration from her own father, who had a passion for woodwork and made and designed furniture.

And when her mum saw the restored chair she instantly fell in love with it and it now has pride of place in her home.

Rob, a renowned artist who famously painted Felix, the Huddersfield Railway Station cat, said: “This chair was always my dad’s chair and after he died I wanted to do something that would make him proud.

“My late mum Barbara, in particular, always believed in my art and I have always believed in Amanda’s. It’s lovely that dad’s chair now has an amazing new look and has found a new home with Amanda’s mum.”

Amanda’s latest project is illustrating a new book of poetry. The Shadow of the Olden Mile, by Sheffield-based Rowan Clover, is about inspiring a passion for poetry and promoting self-confidence.

Amanda also works with 3D air drying clay and uses Indian inks for striking colours.

Amanda’s work can be found at Amanda Castle Art on Facebook and Instagram

Photography: Rob Martin

Make-up: Nichola Jane Leonard

Location: Photography Studio at Bates Mill

Lighting supplied by: Ian Medley