Almost 6,000 people have signed a petition against car parking charges for Honley and Meltham.

Kirklees Council is looking at imposing charges on free car parks across the district including those in the two villages which have many thriving independent shops and small businesses.

Holme Valley North Independent councillor Charles Greaves has collected 5,774 signatures on a petition he is due to present at a meeting of the council’s ruling Cabinet.

The Independents have already carried out online polls that received over 1,600 votes with 95% against car park charges. There was, however, support for making some car parks short-stay.

The council announced in November last year that it would end free parking in its 57 car parks. A promised public consultation, due by the end of February, is still awaited.

On the petition, Clr Greaves said: “This is a clear sign there is no public support for charges in Honley or Meltham, from residents, visitors and businesses the answer is a clear ‘no.’

“People are really concerned about what the impact would be on local businesses and on the roads and footpaths if they did come in.

“Four months later and the council has provided little detail of their proposals and no financial information, but Labour are still pressing ahead with their plans.

“Charges are a step in the wrong direction. We have said for years that we need more off-street parking but we’ve been ignored by Labour who focus all of the money on the main towns and leave us with nothing.

“I have spoken to senior officers and councillors and outlined our concerns and I will formally be presenting the petitions and polls to Cabinet as part of the council’s formal consultation.”

Mayor of Meltham Clr Richard Noon said: “Our centres are struggling as it is without having car parking charges driving customers away.

“We are happy to look at alternatives such as making some of the car parks short-stay and Meltham Town Council has offered to asset transfer the car parks from Kirklees for the benefit of the local community, but the charging idea needs to be dropped now so that we can all focus on what will work.”

The petition can still be signed by email to with “Petition against parking charges” in the subject box.

Images by: Huddersfield Hub photographer SEAN DOYLE

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