Crack out the barbecue today because the Easter weekend might be more about eating chocolate indoors by the fire.

This week’s topsy turvy Spring weather could see today’s temperatures reach a balmy 18C (64F) – the average for March is only about 8-9C (46-48F) – but by the weekend snow could be in the forecast.

Huddersfield weatherman Paul Stevens said: “The weather for Huddersfield for the next 10 days shows all the signs of a classic mid-Spring battle as summer warmth in the early part of the week is replaced by winter cold in time for Easter.

“Summer-like conditions will last into Wednesday but enjoy it as it’s all downhill from Wednesday to Easter and perhaps beyond!

“After a reasonable start to mid-week a cold front will slip south through Wednesday with some rain and showers but later in the week through Good Friday temperatures will fall away with night frosts returning.”

Paul said it wasn’t yet clear exactly what the weekend would bring but snow was very possible.

“Put your plans on hold until after Easter when hopefully some of the restrictions will be lifted,” he said. “For Easter some may be getting out the sledges rather than the Easter bonnets.”