In a time that’s been as strange as it’s been frustrating, Woven in Kirklees is looking to stitch together a story like no other. 

Woven in Kirklees is creating a new exhibition which tells the story of how the local community made masks, PPE or used embroidery and textiles to make things during the Covid-19 pandemic. They are looking for people to supply content for their new idea. 

This year’s Woven festival, funded by Kirklees Council, will take place from June 5-27 and will include a wide range of special events to celebrate all things textiles. 

One of the many community projects will feature a special exhibition which reflects on local experiences of the pandemic and how communities have used their skills and expertise to help.

Clr Paul Davies, Kirklees Council Cabinet Member for Culture, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with the festival whilst also demonstrating the ways that our creativity and community spirit has helped individuals during this pandemic.  

“The people of Kirklees have made a fantastic contribution during the pandemic, from making PPE to creating rainbows for our carers. Even keeping busy crafting whilst staying at home has been a great way for us all to play our part.”

Nat Walton, Woven Festival curator, said: “You may have helped to make much needed supplies, masks and PPE or you may have used the time to get creative through embroidery and textile processes. You might have taken up sewing for the first time, be a practised hand or be a business that has had to refocus. 

“Perhaps you used textiles to help you feel connected to others. We want to hear your stories and share images, films and demonstrations of what you created.”

Contributions can be in any form, stories, images, films or demonstrations of what has been created. 

Local artist Nicola Twynham will then develop an online resource that will then be showcased during the festival.

Nicola added: “I have been so inspired and moved by the amazing ways we have supported ourselves and our communities throughout the pandemic and I know we have a powerful story to share through the use of textiles and I can’t wait to learn more about how people have used fabric, sewing and embroidery as part of their lives.”

Anyone wishing to contribute should visit the Woven website and complete the form –