A Christmas film that “almost broke the internet” has won a top award for its young creators.

‘The Go-Kart’ – a short film on the theme of ‘Christmas is made not bought’ – was the brainchild of 20-year-old entrepreneur and film-maker Sam Teale.

The film, released on December 1 2022, was watched by an incredible 6.4 million viewers on TikTok and 5.7 million viewers on Facebook, with over 190,000 shares in less than 24 hours.

‘The Go-Kart’, which proved a worldwide tear-jerker, has now impressed a panel of judges which chose the video as ‘Advertising Campaign of the Year Under £50K’ at the new Prolific North Creative Awards.

The judges from Google, McCann Leeds and the BBC amongst others recognised the impact ‘The Go-Kart’ by Cleckheaton-based Sam Teale Productions had on the public in the Christmas 2022 season.

Addressing the topical theme ‘Christmas is made not bought’ the film brought home to many the true joy of Christmas illustrating togetherness over money and gifts.

The youngest person in the room at the Prolific North Creative Awards, Sam is the owner and driving force behind Sam Teale Productions Ltd, a video production company launched in June 2020. His team has an average age of just 21.

The new Prolific North Creative Awards aim to recognise the North’s most innovative, creative and ambitious teams, who are creating pieces which resonate with their audience causing a shift in emotions. The award looks for campaigns focusing on true objectives and seeking to achieve those creatively in a way that speaks to every individual.

Who doesn’t love the annual tradition of the Christmas film? Supermarkets, banks and department stores compete for the biggest tear-jerker they can produce each year.

Sam’s plan was to rival the big firm’s Christmas adverts, showing that magic can be created on a tiny budget. And he certainly achieved his goal!

Multi-award-winning Sam – whose team includes Sam Brearley, Ellie Connell and Lydia Horne – recently won Independent Business of the Year at the Yorkshire Choice Awards.